Affordability Calculator

Are you not sure of how much mortgage you can afford? NO worries our interactive tool will help you have an Idea.
Call me today to have accurate calculation for your affordability.

Affordability Calculator

Payment Calculator

Our user-friendly tool helps you to calculate your payment your own, so that have idea of your future payment.

Payment Calculator

Mortgage Products

There are several mortgage products available in market. Specific bank can only offer you what they have in their list. As we shop around for you based on your unique need. We try to get best suitable package for you mortgage need.

Mortgage Suite

Rate list

You will find market posted rates. Call us today to work for you. Depending on your conditions we might get better negotiated rate from Lander for you.

Mortgage Rates

Why to go through Mortgage Agent

  • Save Money: With one application you get access to many lenders, from major banks to private lenders, so we can find you the mortgage with the best rate and terms that fit your needs.
  • Get Pre-Approved: Find out how much you qualify for and get pre-approved so you can choose your dream home with peace of mind.
  • Expert Advice: With many years of experience in the financial industry, you'll get the Right counsel.
  • No Cost: All my services are at no cost to you. OAC. Some restrictions apply.