• Home Purchase Mortgage

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    With today’s market flooded with a number of mortgage products, you need the help of a mortgage professional to guide you to make the sound financial decision.   If you are a first-time home buyer, consulting a mortgage expert will prove extremely beneficial.

    You must know how to pick the right one for your specific needs along with the legalities involved. 

    Aditya will assist you by providing the right advice, and making the application process lucid, simple and error-free.

    Even if this is your second time around, you might not be well informed of the latest mortgage rates and mortgage products available. To ensure the home purchase mortgage you choose is tailor-made according to your needs, get in touch with him at the earliest.

    Although a good credit score is preferable, Aditya can get you a mortgage even if you have a low credit score. We have access to many banks and lenders and work independently on your behalf to find a mortgage rate and home purchase mortgage that is right for you and your financial goals.

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  • Mortgage Refinance

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    Renewing your mortgage is as important a financial decision as selecting your first one. While renewing your mortgage, you are in a stronger financial position as compared to where you were before. Your home equity grows over a period of time and by decreasing your principal loan balance, you are in a good position so have 

    Aditya Wadhen will negotiate for you!

    Help Obtain a Lower Fixed Rate

    The interest on a fixed rate mortgage that you took several years ago may have dropped drastically. Refinancing the existing mortgage will entitle you to avail of the reduced interest rate.

    Make Cash Provisions for Emergency Situations

    You can refinance your existing mortgage to free a larger amount of cash, depending on your home equity. Since a mortgage is a secured loan, the interest applied is considerably lower than that of an unsecured loan.

    Convert Adjustable Rate Mortgage into Lower Fixed Rate

    The interest rates on an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) might be low initially, but the fluctuations are unpredictable. Many find these constant variations in the interest rate taxing and prefer to refinance the mortgage into a secure, fixed rate one.

    Consolidate Multiple Mortgages into One 

    Paying the installments of two or more mortgages at the same time can be quite a burden for most individuals. The best solution in this case is to consolidate the multiple mortgages into one, with a fixed monthly interest rate and a longer repayment duration.

    Pay Off Other your Debts 

    The proceeds from your refinanced mortgage can be used to pay off credit card bills and other similar expenses. Since mortgage interest is 100% tax deductible, you end up saving a considerable amount.

    Home Renovation

    Looking for a Fund Renovation? Let me show you the options

    • Refinance
    • Purchase plus improvement
    • Equity Take-out
    • Home Improvement Financing up to $35,000*

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  • Creditor Insurance

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    Are you worried about unknown life risk and wants to ensure Mortgage repayment?

    Creditor insurance will help you. It is one of the options to protect your loved one from mortgage repayment burden. It protects your ability to meet financial obligations by providing a benefit in the event of your death, disability, critical illness or job loss.

    Call me today to know about your option to mitigate these risks.

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  • Investment Property

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    Thinking to invest in property and don’t know about your ability to take mortgage?

    Aditya Wadhen will help you to determined, who much you qualified for?

    Get best rates and solution from landers base on your situations.

    Take advantage of your home equity to invest in you your investment property.

    Find right lander for your investment property.

    Contact today Aditya Wadhen to book your appointment

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  • Easy Pre-Approvals

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    Check how much you qualify based on your current situations.

    Our user-friendly tolls help you in self checking and for expert advice call Aditya Wadhen. I am Just a call way


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  • Private Mortgage

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    Borrowing money to buy a home is harder for Canadians who are self-employed-a group that, according to Statistic Canada, has a higher median net worth than paid employees.

    If you are self-employed and looking to buy your dream home or renew your mortgage or banks already has rejected your application. It does not mean its end of word. contact me! Our team specializes in self-employed mortgage. We also have access to private lenders who are willing to help you to fulfill your financial need.

    Contact Aditya Wadhen to book your appointment and know you

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  • Financial Services

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    Contact us today for free consultation and quote comparison from different insurance providers

    • Travel Insurance
    • Parents/ Grand Parents Super Visa Insurance
    • Life Insurance (Term/Permanent Insurance)
    • RRSP Accounts
    • RESP Accounts
    • TFSA accounts
    • Health and Medical Insurance
    • Critical illness & Disability Insurance

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